CNL AIFM is an independent alternative investment fund manager in Athens, Greece. It manages the first venture capital participation company in Greece, CNL Capital, which was founded in 2014 and successfully completed its listing in the Athens Stock Exchange in 2018.





CNL AIFM is an Alternative Investment Fund Manager (AIFM) it is accredited and regulated by the Hellenic Capital Markets Commission

— Our History

CNL Advisors was converted to Alternative Investment Fund Manager (AIFM) in 2018. It is accredited and regulated by the Hellenic Capital Markets Commission with license number xxxxxxxxxxxx.
CNL AIFM constitutes the evolution of CNL Advisors, founded in 2006.
CNL Advisors provided investment and asset management consulting services in high-net worth individuals (HNI) and small institutional investors regarding the design, implementation and monitoring of asset portfolios.
The idea for the creation of CNL Capital derived from discussions with several CNL Advisors’ clients and the fund’s management has became our company’s main activity.

— Our Philosophy/Investment Strategy

The philosophy of CNL AIFM remain unchanged through time. It is threefold with the main characteristics being: innovation, transparency and professionalism.
As CNL Advisors, our company was the first investment advisor in Greece providing truly independent investment services, unbiased from the providers/custodians of investment products who continue to be endemic in the market.
The foundation of CNL Capital succeeded in bridging the funding gap of the traditional banking sector, adapting a “heavy” financial instrument (corporate bond) to meet the needs of SMEs for working capital.
The innovation DNA that CNL AIFM has inherited will continue producing cutting-edge, niche financial products for corporates, offering at the same time attractive yield for the respective supporting investors.

— CEO Message

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Our People


CNL Capital

CNL Capital is the first Venture Capital Participation Company in Greece aiming to fulfil the funding needs of SMEs in terms of working capital and short-term liquidity.
The fund was founded in 2014 from an initial group of 25 investors, Greek entrepreneurs and executives who had foreseen the need for the creation of an alternative SME funding provider.
CNL Capital meets the funding needs of SMEs that are growing and are financially healthy but at the same time cannot be fully services by the traditional banking sector.

CNL AIFM manages its investment portfolio.

The company has completed its listing in the Athens Stock Exchange in July 2018.


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